Our Mission 

At CPP Realty our mission is to help anyone having a difficult time buying or selling a home. We do this by providing “All Cash” or “Rent to Own” solutions. Learn more about these strategies by clicking any of the solution or learn more buttons.    

Rent To Own

Benefits For You The Seller

  • Higher sales price 

  • Receive monthly payments

  • No landlord headaches 

Benefits For You The Buyer

  • Gives you a chance to own a home you  would otherwise be unable to qualify for using a bank loan 

  • You can get into a property with less upfront costs.    

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We understand that there are many challenges with owning a home in pre-foreclosure or probate. Don't feel embarrassed, life always gives us a second to make things right. Don't continue to pay for a home that is obstructing that second chance.